Monday, November 17, 2014

Musings on Senior Level Take Action Group Projects

My scouts are working on a project with girls from another troop or area.  How can the  girls work together & what does that mean for their Take Action Project?
My comments are based on our setting, where we have a large group of mixed girls, but the same things could apply to the dynamics of your troop.
Here’s the tough part moms/ leaders – let the girls figure this out !!!!  That said, here’s some insight to help you guide them through it.
Our journey session is comprised of troops with established dynamics & relationships as well as independent scouts and girls attending alone without their troop.  We frequently have sessions with a large number of newly bridged 9th grade girls.  At each level of GS the complexity and expectations for Take Action Projects steps up a notch.  This means that this is a new & challenging experience for many of these girls.

Senior & Ambassador level journeys prepare the girls for their Gold Award – essentially a solo-planned project. You may notice I called the Gold a solo-planned project.  No girl does her Gold alone.  She is the boss, the brains and passion behind the project, but the first thing she does is form a team that helps her implement her plan.
In the journey, they can still work in groups in whatever size they choose.  This means the sole responsibility isn’t on one girl to figure it out all on their own. They aren’t all quite ready for that yet !
So let’s say your daughter is in a group with girls from all over So Cal. They all have very busy lives.  How can they work together to complete this project?  Well that is entirely up to them. 

This is time to think past the confines of their troop, but in a different way.  Part of the GS law is using resources wisely.  One of our greatest resources is the girls themselves.  So instead of thinking – How can I work with girls from outside my usual contacts? That is going to be too hard ! I suggest that they ask themselves this question. How can I utilize other girls in this journey to make my project better and to save me some time by combining contacts and resources?
In the end, the girls will end up implementing their Take Action Project in their own community.  They each hold the ultimate responsibility for their own project - but can consider the girls they meet during the journey as extra bonus contacts and a  team to enhance their network beyond your local community.

These are all fine theories, but how could this work on a real project?
What could this look like?  I’m making up an example. 
Issue - Teen girls with “issue of choice” feel frightened and overwhelmed
Root Cause – Girls feel like they are alone and don’t have resources.  Feel like they are the only ones with this problem.
Solution – Girls decide to create materials to reach out to increase awareness of “issue of choice” through video, website with tools to recognize or overcome “issue of choice” & referrals to resources. 

A group forms made up of 7 scouts.
 4 girls from – troop A . These girls have been pals since daisies.  Tight group –finish each other’s sentences.   Go to same school & socialize together.
2 girls from troop B – acquaintances  - in troop together, but go to different schools
GSI - independent scout

 First steps – doing their research, choosing their medium and creating their tools.

Troop A – Girls write and shoot a PSA video. The girls divide the tasks, editing filming, finding music.  They post it on YouTube and share the link with the other girls. 
GSI - Independent scout - writes a project description, researches facts that can be included in the video or on their own. Finds inspirational videos/essays/readings/blog posts based on the topic.  She shares this info with the group, so that the other girls can use it to enhance their presentation.

Troop B Girl 1 – Interviews three adult experts for facts and insight to share with the other girls. Researches agencies and resources.
Troop B – Girl 2 – Creates Tumbler or Weebly (free website).  Posts link to the PSA, interviews with the experts & resources.  Sends web link to all girls.

Next  – Spread your message
All girls share website and PSA through social media
Troop A – plan event for SU based on video including activities and guide to help other scouts take your message beyond your event. 
GSI – gets clubs at school to show video at meeting & post on their site, approaches HS health teacher to show video & share website to students in health class.
Troop B - show video to 3 younger scout troops or leaders uses website as basis for talk.  Gets info posted on SU website.

One thing I would like you to note is that each “group” within the team has ownership and responsibility of enough to be a standalone project, but used together, the projects become a more complete package.  If you approach it with this mindset, and the girls don’t end up in contact after our sessions, all girls will still have a good TAP, but if you combine them you will have a fantastic one.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome to the Workshops4girls Blog

If you are looking for our full website with class schedules, registration procedures and resources for journeys please go to our website.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Breathe Air Interview

Hey girls,  Need inspiration for your interviews?  Check out this great interview Hannah  did with her science teacher !!

1. What are some air issues you are aware of in our state or country?

Poor air quality is a concern, although, I feel the air quality is much better now than it was when I was a kid.

2. What do you do in your work/volunteer/advocacy role to care for the earth?

I recycle, drive a hybrid car & compost.

3.  Do you wish more people knew more about air issues?

I think the knowledge is there.  It is just a matter of caring enough to make a change in ones' personal life.

4.  What do you find interesting about the science of air?

I find it interesting that a lot of people do not think that air has a weght.  Also that they amount of weight that is put on our bodies everyday because of air is quite heavy.  You can equate it to trying to hold a washing machine with one hand.  Air is a mixture of gasses, not just oxygen.

5.  Do you have any concerns about our air?

We need to continue to be careful with carbon emission (exhaust form cars) but I think we do a pretty good job.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

aMUSE Journey

Junior Girl Scouts explore the roles that girls and women
play in life through art & role playing.


Mission Sisterhood Senior Journey

During the Mission Sisterhood Journey, Seniors learn to recognize the power of sisterhood in their own lives and in the world. The best part of this is that they build their bond and learn by having fun !
Many of the girls in this journey chose to do Public Service Announcements & Videos as part of their campaign to educate the public about a "Sisterhood Issue"
Check them out on our YouTube Channel.

What do the girls have to say about Mission Sisterhood ?

"I would say that I enjoyed doing it, learned a lot & just had fun!"
"It was an interesting experience where I learned things and did activities with girl that were fun and new"
 "This journey really prepares you for your Gold award, but it is presented in fun and less intimidating way.  You meet other girls with the same passion as you, and develop bonds that help you in this journey"
"I would say that it was one of my favorites & I wish I could do it again.  It was an amazing experience"


Senior Girl Scouts share their cooking skills as "Chef of the Day"

Girls choose photos for a "Sisterhood Smorgasbord"


Friday, June 8, 2012

BREATHE Aromatherapy Bouquets for Senior Citizens

Cadettes show off their bouquets.
Girls teach the seniors how to make their own.

BREATHE - Eco Cleaners

Cadette girl scouts display their Eco-Cleaners that they made during the Breathe Journey.  They included an eco-cleaner recipe book and are planning to distribute them in an effort to get their community to Go Green !

 Combine 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake to blend and spray on your windows. Can also be mixed in a jar or bottle.